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    I just shared this little tidbit on SA’s DR thread. I’ve been sitting on it for a long time, but it’s finally time to tell it. Spoilers for DR2’s ending ahead, and it won’t make much sense if you haven’t read the original DR LP thread.

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  2. Anonymous said: i was kinda disappointed to see that they changed hinata's little quip at souda (the "what are you, fourty?) to something more along the lines of "that's not something a high schooler would say", but other than that the NISA one seems to be very nice so far, a lot better than the first one


    To be fair - they seem to have translated the line pretty straight. Since I like to write obsessively about translation and translation choices, here’s the relevant exchange. First line is the original, second is a straight, mostly literal translation. Third is what Fedule and me ended up with. I believe “forty” was mine, but much of the final phrasing is thanks to Fedule and would be much. much worse without him.

    まさかとは思うけどよォ… あいつら男女の関係になってんじゃねーだろな。
    I think it’s impossible but… I wonder if their relationship became a male-female one. (The word for male-female used here isn’t one a typical teenager will use)
    I can’t believe I’m sayin’ this, but… could those two have an illicit relationship goin’ on?

    A male female relationship… That’s not an expression a teenager would use.
    An illicit relationship? What are you, forty?

    けど、聞いたろ? 弐大を追いかける終里のすがるような声をよォ…
    But, you must have heard it? Owari’s clinging voice as she was chasing Nidai…
    You heard how Owari’s voice got when she was chasin’ after Nidai, right?

    Her voice became… just like a woman’s!
    It was just like… she suddenly became a proper woman!

    Hinata (thinking):
    Somehow… everything he says sounds like an old man.
    Yep. I’m talking to a forty-year-old teenager.


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    絶対絶望少女 ダンガンロンパ Another Episode PV 2

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  4. Stellaworks a4 clearfile
    Loppi/HMV: undisclosed product


    More preorder bonuses….  (info in captions)
    And of special note, see also.

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  5. GEO - a4 clearfile
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    The rest of the DR:AE preorder bonuses art! Info in captions. (They’re all pretty huge, for best results view seperately)

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    English voice dubs!

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    yuuta asahina and hiroko hagakure!

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    New Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo: DanganRonpa AnotherEpisode scans via Dengeki this week. First up is an overview of the different monokuma enemy types you’ll encounter in-game.

    Shirokuma: Part of the resistance fighting against the Warriors of Hope.

    Kurokuma: An advisor of sorts to the Warriors of Hope.

    Monokuma: Still a dick.

    Siren Monokuma

    Ball Monokuma

    Bomber Monokuma

    Guard Monokuma

    There’s also a general explanation of the various life and energy bars, as well as the 8 different bullet types the gun can equip. These bullets are just used for basic action sequences, but also factor into environmental puzzles and the like. 

    Bullets can have their strength increased at the Dekodama shop. Curency comes in the form of Monokuma Medals which are acquired by defeating enemies. 

    Lastly, a chart examining the relationship between the various characters and factions. Lol Byakuya and Touko. 


  9. orenronen:

    A followup: someone with an early review copy reported that Nanami’s video game references are indeed properly researched and translated. I apologize for any doubt I had.


  10. orenronen:

    (First post in a long time)
    One thing I really hope the official SDR2 release gets right is Nanami’s video game references. Most of those are games that did, in fact, get a western release, but getting the translation right still requires a bit of research. Sometimes a lot of it if she actually quotes lines from the game (I *did* my research when Shadowgate was quoted, for example).

    An example I didn’t get to in my translation: Nanami describes a dream she had where a Tengu fights the Statue of Liberty, referencing the late-life Famicom game Abarenbou Tengu. That game was released in the US with sprite changes as Zombie Nation, with the titular Tengu mask the player controls replaced with a decapitated Samurai head. Now, which of these versions of the game is correct for Nanami to reference in an English translation of SDR2 is up for debate, I guess, but I’m personally of the opinion that obscure references are really fun for the few people who get them. For America, that’s the US version. I have my doubts the translation gets that right, but I’d love to be proven wrong.